Our Company

We transform vendors into partners

Our Mission

To unite teams and unlock insights so organizations can make smarter decisions and maximize value from their vendors

We believe strong relationships drive innovation

Why We’re Here

Transactional vendor relationships are evolving into critical partnerships. There is an emerging reliance on 3rd party suppliers that has created a need for better ways to work and collaborate.

Sales teams use CRMs to manage customers but buyers still rely on spreadsheets to manage their vendors.

We built the world's first VRM platform to provide a single source of truth for vendor management.

$4 Trillion is spent annually on Enterprise IT vendors alone. $20T+ is spent on B2B suppliers per year.

We’re helping organizations optimize their investments.

Why Terzo?

Terzo was founded on a simple idea: strong relationships drive innovation.

We offer more than a platform to centralize data. Terzo is designed to connect people — breaking corporate silos along the way.

Ultimately, human relationships are what bring big ideas to life and push those ideas across the finish line. At Terzo, strengthening relationships is at the heart of what we do.

We unite teams and unlock insights so organizations can make better decisions and maximize value from their vendors.

We transform vendors into partners.

Who We Are

After spending their careers working for Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle, Brandon and Al realized there was a massive problem with how customers manage relationships with their vendors.

Customers constantly complained about how complex their vendor ecosystem is and how they need a “CRM” like platform built for a buyer instead of a seller.

From this problem, Terzo was born. Terzo means “3rd” in Italian and our goal is to be the world’s first "VRM" to help customers connect with their 3rd party suppliers. We love being the 3rd wheel.

We were part of the problem and we believe we’re in the best position to solve it.

Where we are

Los Angeles, CA
Corporate Headquarters
Atlanta, GA
Operating Headquarters
Chennai, India
Engineering Campus

Break Silos. Connect Teams. Power Innovation.

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