About Us

We help enterprises drive sustainable transformation.

Terzo unlocks insights so organizations can make smarter decisions and maximize value from their suppliers. Suppliers are more important than ever and relationships should be digitized and collaborative. 

We started Terzo because ERP and Procurement software isn't working for today’s buyers. Buyers have the power, now they need the technology and tools to optimize value from their suppliers and partners.  

We believe strong relationships drive innovation

It's a New World

Transactional supplier relationships are evolving into critical partnerships. There is an emerging reliance on third party suppliers that has created a need for better ways to work and collaborate.

Sales teams use CRMs to manage customers but buyers still rely on spreadsheets to manage their supplier relationships and data. 

We designed the world's first Supplier Cloud platform with a foundation built on contract intelligence. The days of legal teams hoarding supplier contracts is over.  We have entered the era of dynamic contracts.

Terzo is more than just a technology company. We’re a collaboration company. Connecting buyers with suppliers to empower better experiences for everyone.

Why Terzo?

Terzo means “third” in Italian. Our founders have Italian heritage and chose it to describe what they set out to build, a platform that brings third parties together.  

We offer more than a platform to centralize data. Terzo is designed to connect teams — breaking silos along the way.

Ultimately, relationships are what bring big ideas to life and push those ideas across the finish line. At Terzo, strengthening relationships is at the heart of what we do.

We unite teams and unlock insights so organizations can make smarter decisions and maximize value from their suppliers.

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Where we work

Our team is remote first, allowing our employees to work from anywhere. We believe hybrid work is the answer. These are the four cities we currently have offices.

Los Angeles, CA
Corporate Headquarters
Atlanta, GA
Operating Headquarters
Chennai, India
Engineering Campus
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Product and Front-End Development

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