Contract Analytics

Digitize and operationalize contracts. Inventory intelligence for buyers and business teams. Quickly identify cost savings and high risk agreements.

Unlock insights hidden in agreements. Know what you're paying for down to the SKU level.

Terzo AI Extraction
Automatically extract 100s of metadata, clauses, inventory, SLAs and more.
Dashboards and Reporting
Streamline the search and reporting process. Find clauses, business terms and report on them.
Compliance Heat Map
Track compliance metrics at the contract level to identify high risk agreements.

Inventory Intelligence

  • Portfolio asset management: categorized inventory  and cataloging
  • Quickly identify duplication and redundancy -  Consolidate and rationalize
  • M&A Activity: find overlap across different business units and drive collaborative purchasing

Prioritize investments including supplier diversity

  • Compare diversity spend across your contracts
  • Analytics and reporting for diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Track sustainability and ESG goals

Integrate to third-party applications such as ERP, P2P, CLM, and CRM

Visualize and analyze contract data

  • Prebuilt dashboards for faster insights
  • Access clauses, agreement types, and regulatory data
  • Real-time visibility into relationships and risk

Compliance Heat Map

  • Quickly identify and track high risk agreements
  • Easily configure compliance criteria based on requirements
  • Snapshot view of the entire contract portfolio

Out of the Box No-Code Agility

Terzo provides speed to value
Get answers to your most complex contracts within weeks

Speed to Value. Get answers in days, not months.

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