Terzo Contract Intelligence

End-to-end visibility beyond the legal department so businesses can make smarter decisions.

Complete visibility into contracts and compliance


in cost savings
Consolidate & Rationalize


faster review
Automate Manual Tasks


Reduce Risk

Teams That Use Terzo

Faster insights with Terzo AI metadata extraction

  • Automated metadata extraction driven by Terzo AI.
  • Search across relationships with full text indexing and natural language search.
  • Reduce review time and eliminate errors.
  • Save money on legal services and FTE's.

Search across the entire contract database in seconds

Improve governance with contract renewal tracking and alerting

  • Analytics and reporting for full visibility.
  • Automated alerting to ensure no missed renewals.
  • Faster insights for stronger negotiations.
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Terzo improves collaboration across teams to streamline negotiations

Forecast more accurately and improve strategic planning

  • Visualize future commitments with 5 year outlook view.
  • Empower executives with real-time data to improve forecasting.
  • Side-by-side and Year-Over-Year (YoY) comparison of supplier investments.

Clause Library

Terzo Clause Library allows you to create a collection of templates across various clause types.
Capture and compare clauses across 3rd party paper.

Example: Indemnification, limitation & liability, data privacy & security

Quickly find and create sustainability clauses for ESG initiatives

Organize complex parent/child relationships with contract hierarchies

  • Link contracts that share a relationship with each other. (i.e. linking your MSA to SOW and Amendments).
  • View the Relationship Tree to show the entire hierarchy and see where the current contract fits into the family.
  • Consolidate agreements and simplify contract administration.
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DocuSign Integration

A seamless experience for requesting and receiving signatures and attaching them to associated tasks and workflows.

Speed to Value. Get answers in days, not months.

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