Terzo Solution

Intelligent Contract Renewal Tracking

Your all-in-one platform for streamlined contract renewal capabilities.

With Terzo, you can easily transform strategic vendor relationships into true partnerships that support your business objectives. Our user-friendly software improves organizational collaboration with your contracts to help you save time and conquer initiatives.

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Discover the Benefits of Terzo

Centralize and automate your entire contract renewal process.

That means more cross-functional collaboration and maximum renewal value.

Renew Contracts Faster with OCR + AI

Terzo uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to rapidly sift through countless pages of text and extricate the information you actually care about.

  • View all the critical terms of your contracts at a glance with our sleek and simple user interface
  • Instantly know what has—and hasn’t—been purchased in order to identify renewal needs
  • Evaluate pricing with Terzo’s unit economics comparison / analytics by seeing all of the unit economics for fast comparison to renewals

Stay Informed with Alerts + Notifications

Set up alerts and notifications for stakeholders to initiate the renewal process.

  • Get notified of upcoming renewals so you never miss a deadline—or have to scramble to meet one
  • Proactively initiate contract renewals to maximize cost savings opportunities
  • Be aware of which contracts are expiring to effectively manage renewal timeframes

Create Visual Processes with Workflows

Our customizable, no-code workflows let you track contract renewal statuses without the hassle of getting a web dev team involved.

  • Easily initiate renewals with our workflows for effective outcomes
  • Monitor renewal statuses to ensure nothing slips through the cracks
  • Add new tasks wherever, whenever without changing the entire workflow
  • Seamlessly execute renewals with integrations for DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and others

Ready to drive your business forward with optimal cost savings and effective vendor relationships?

It all starts with being proactive in your contract management.

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