Harmonize Incoming Demand

Data-driven prioritization of spend vs approved budgets and organizational priorities

Break down silos, allowing managers to synchronize procurement demand, existing budget constraints and organizational priorities.

Understand inbound procurement demand and become friends with your finance partners

Big Picture Visiblity

  • Understand inbound procurement by category, department and priority
  • Visualize and quantify inbound dollars and timing 
  • Track dollars by procurement stage to accurately forecast timing of spend commitments
  • Invite your finance colleagues to join you on the platform to increase collaboration

Prioritize Demand to Suite Organizational Priorities 

  • Track demand generation by strategic initiative
  • View innovation procurement pipelines 
  • Evaluate product and service mix shifts across vendors 
  • Spot opportunities to increase collaboration and improve negotiating position

Be the master of the universe by integrating Terzo Demand Management with your ERP and P2P Systems

Level Up Demand Management by Thinking Strategically 

  • Segment spend by vendor prioritization
  • Understand spend trends, including shifts in vendor, product and service mix 
  • Spot emergent trends, risks and opportunities in the demand management function
  • Tie insights to organizational priorities 

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