Empower Your People

Terzo is the world’s first VRM platform that transforms vendors into partners.

We break down silos to unite teams internally and externally. Terzo connects stakeholders to create trust, improve productivity and drive innovation.

Strong relationships are key to driving innovation

Treat your vendors like employees and enhance collaboration

  • Change the way you work together by providing continuous feedback
  • Rethink how you communicate and share ideas, goals and objectives
  • Incentivize long-term relationships to improve performance

Create cross-functional ownership and accountability

  • Waste less time: know the right people to contact at the right time; map people to products and services
  • Avoid coverage gaps: when people change roles or leave the organization, easily reassign ownership
  • Increase access: quickly navigate across vendor account teams to align stakeholders

Know your internal and external stakeholders

Improve performance with stronger vendor relationships

  • Build a holistic picture of key vendor performance indicators
  • Capture internal sentiment of your vendor ecosystem across departments
  • Visualize vendor account teams to increase productivity and efficiency

Transform transactional relationships into cooperative partnerships

  • Invite account managers and technical support teams to the Terzo platform
  • Keep contact information accurate by allowing vendors to provide updates and changes
  • Break down silos. Connect teams. Create opportunities.

Relationships with strategic vendors are increasingly key to business performance.

- Gartner

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