Structure and segment your supply base

Analyze your supplier portfolio and manage inventories to align with organizational priorities 

Optimize supply through active portfolio management.  Structure and segment your portfolio, so that vendor management and procurement actions align to organizational priorities and support strategic initiatives.

Align your portfolio to your highest strategic priorities

Structure and segment your supply

  • Structure your vendor catalogue with value-added categories like: commodity, critical, strategic and bottleneck 
  • Segment suppliers and vendors with descriptive labels like: legacy, strategic, innovation, cloud, new capability
  • Add initiative labels like: downsize, sunset, active migration, target solution, emerging technology  

Increase spend transparency and alignment

  • Evaluate portfolio segments by historic spend
  • Visualize future spend commitments to understand degrees of flexibility
  • Evaluate “actual” vs “committed” spend to get a true picture of the dollars across the portfolio
  • Evaluate spend vs strategic priorities by looking at dollars across labels like: legacy, strategic, bottleneck, cloud migration, innovation initiative

Use procurement cycles to move investment toward your priority strategic objectives

Connect new procurements to meaningful portfolio management initiatives

  • Align new dollars to organizational priorities  to demonstrate investment migrations to the right projects
  • Tie procurement workflows and approvals to organizational goals or specific priority projects
  • Evaluate incoming demand relative to overall portfolio structure and segmentation 

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