Vendor Relationship Management

Measure performance and maximize value

Better understand your vendors’ contributions to your success. Improve performance and drive innovation.

“High performing suppliers turn into key strategic partners”

Vendor/Supplier Performance 

  • Develop and implement vendor strategies for each vendor or supplier relationship
  • Document and develop buy-in for supplier KPIs with your key relationships
  • Surface data-driven red flags to allow managers and leaders to intervene early 

Internal and external NPS

  • Collect, track and monitor internal and external NPS for each vendor
  • Surface vender performance issues to managers and leadership to incorporate into QBRs and other supplier interactions
  • Use NPS to engage and strengthen relationships with your most strategic supplier stakeholders

“Goal tracking improves productivity and accelerates performance”

Document SLA breaches

  • Surface supplier SLA requirements through contract intelligence
  • Capture SLA breaches and record them 
  • Incorporate SLA performance in QBRs, surface for credit capture  

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