Spend Insights

Analyze and Automate

Quickly compare actual vs. committed spend so teams can find ways to consolidate the portfolio and eliminate redundant vendors.

Eliminate wasted spend and automate spend tracking

Single pane of glass for spend intelligence

  • Create rules to automatically map transactions to vendors
  • Gain insights from spend data that's hidden in enterprise systems
  • Discover areas to reduce costs and track incremental savings

Easily compare contract commitments vs. actual spend

  • See all of your vendor spend in one centralized view
  • Track your spend against contracts - report on budget vs. actuals
  • Create a holistic view of your spend by categories and departments to identify savings opportunities

Increase accountability and transparency across departments

Create accountability by mapping spend to departments and categories

  • Set spend thresholds and manage budgets across departments
  • Drill down into spend by type: software, hardware, support and services
  • Aggregate transactions from various systems so you visualize and control spend

Integrate with existing ERP and P2P systems

Complement your existing systems and enrich your data. Terzo integrates with ERP and P2P software platforms so you can see what you care about.

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