AI-Driven Supplier Contract Intelligence

Find answers to contracts in 3 minutes vs. 3 hours. 

Terzo unlocks visibility across your supplier contracts so you can optimize costs and reduce risk.

Why Enterprises use Terzo for Supplier Contract Management

60x faster Review: 3 minutes for contract review instead of 3 hours
3x faster negotiations and buying cycles 
Save millions and cancel unwanted contract renewals
Optimize costs by consolidating and rationalizing products and services
Improve Compliance with Contract Heat Mapping

What’s in Terzo’s CLM 2.0 Platform?

Contract Repository:
This is table stakes. We can integrate to pull in data from storage like Sharepoint or upload the documents directly to Terzo. 

Contract Analytics:
Find cost savings opportunities. Track compliance standards and reduce risk. Increase productivity and visualize key data faster. 

Contract Intelligence:
By intelligence, we mean inventory. Terzo is the only buy side solution that shows inventory broken down by category. Know exactly what products and services you own and how much you’re paying for them. 

Contract Calendar:
Forecast and plan more accurately. See the next 1-5 years of commitments so you can make smarter decisions and meet budget requirements. 

CLM 2.0 - Contract Lifecycle Management for Business, not just legal

Monitor and track renewals to ensure no contracts are missed

Designed for buyers, Terzo’s renewal dashboard makes it easy to see all of the upcoming contracts. Get the right eyes on the right contracts at the right time. Notifications and alerting help teams be proactive instead of reactive. 

Accelerate buying cycles with no code workflows

Speed up the contracting process with no-code workflows for intake and approvals. Pre-configure tasks and approvals so people know when to take action. Create accountability and visibility for the entire organization. 

Contract Lifecycle Management 

Analytics for buyers with inventory intelligence 

Terzo is built for inventory intelligence so you can visualize your portfolio

We use AI to extract SKUs of products, services, support and more to provide deep analytics. Quickly see what you’re paying per unit across categories and report on it.

Save time and optimize costs 

Automatically identify duplication and redundancy with our inventory intelligence. Terzo AI + data normalization categories and catalogs inventory so organizations can find ways to consolidate and rationalize. Analytics dashboards built for the 2020s that any business user can use.

Contract Analytics

Business’s can lose up to 40% of contract value due to poor governance.

The problem – Lost Value.
Contract governance is a complex process. Siloed data and poor collaboration force teams to be reactive and value is lost in the negotiation with suppliers.

Centralize, analyze, and visualize buy-side contract clauses and metadata

Financial Terms

  • Payment Terms
  • Billing Terms
  • Discount
  • Annual Contract Value
  • Total Contract Value
  • Ramp Pricing
And more ...

Expiration & Renewal

  • Agreement type
  • Start Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Term length
  • Renewal deadline
  • Auto-renewal clause

Inventory & Stakeholders

  • Product SKU and line items
  • Service SKU and line terms
  • Internal stakeholders
  • External stakeholders
  • Contract signatories

Compliance & Governance

  • Compliance Scoring
  • Termination for Convenience
  • Indemnification
  • Breach Notice
  • Data Privacy 
  • Data Breach
  • Force Majeure
  • Assignment Clauses
  • Change of Control
And more ...

Contract Lifecycle - designed for today's challenges 

The World's First Supplier CLM

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