Terzo Features

The Secure Supplier Cloud

Connect siloed data and improve collaboration across teams.

Flexible and configurable to help teams work smarter

Contract Intelligence
Spend Analytics
Stakeholder Mapping
Inventory Insights
Risk Monitoring

Centralize All Your Data

Connect to Enterprise Applications and aggregate siloed data into the Supplier 360 Dashboard.

Contract Intelligence

Supplier CLM 2.0 built for business.

Contract Analytics

Unlock insights hidden in your contracts.

No-Code Workflows

Digitally transform the way your teams collaborate. Optimize your procurement process with end-to-end visibility.

Stakeholder Mapping

We break down silos to unite teams internally and externally. Connect stakeholders, improve productivity and drive innovation.

Analytics & Reporting

Our customizable, no-code workflows let you track contract renewal statuses without the hassle of getting a web dev team involved.

We’ve been spending months trying to aggregate important vendor data so the team has a centralized view. With Terzo, we can see all the key data we need in minutes so IT, finance and procurement can be on the same page.

- CIO at Global Financial Services Company

Enterprise-ready. Secure and Scalable.

Terzo has the standard enterprise security and compliance certifications
ISO 27001

Speed to Value. Get answers in days, not months.

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