Vendor 360°

Visualize the entire relationship

Our intelligent vendor management platform provides a holistic view of your supplier ecosystem.

Vendor 360° delivers a complete view of your data and your people

Aggregate siloed data for increased intelligence

  • Integrate with existing enterprise systems like SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow, Coupa, etc.
  • Create a unified view of all of your products and services.
  • Understand your portfolio, who’s managing it, and how much it costs.

Quickly gain insights to empower better negotiations and smarter decisions

  • Visualize the investments you’ve made with each vendor
  • Track transactions and top spending areas with ERP integration
  • View historical spend and compare YoY changes
  • Understand and prioritize upcoming contract renewals

Terzo 360°empowers customers to make better decisions

Improve accountability so your team can maximize value

  • Measure value by tracking goals & performance
  • Create mutual accountability with internal and external stakeholders
  • Connect teams and departments to improve collaboration and achieve strategic initiatives

Transform transactional relationships into innovative partnerships

  • Empower your leadership team with curated insights
  • Quickly understand which vendors are performing or underperforming
  • Transform vendor data into actionable intelligence

We’ve been spending months trying to aggregate important vendor data so the team has a centralized view. With Terzo, we can see all the key data we need in minutes so IT, finance and procurement can be on the same page.

- CIO at Fortune 200 Financial Services Company

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